Clothes Horse, 2010
300 x 200 x 30 cm
Clothes horse, cords
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Clothes horses are foldable, portable and light. Street vendors in Warsaw use them as sales tables. Shoelace sellers in particular lay their different colored laces out on them. Besides laces, favorite products for the street market are tulips, scarves, gloves, dvds, key chains and insoles: fast-moving, transient products; small things which one allows oneself on the side. From time to time you can still find some stands with handmade doilies. It is concievable that some years ago there were many more of these kinds of handicrafts. Now they have been replaced by dvd and shoe laces vendors. The work turns the shoelace selling stand into a homemade knotted carpet. The three-part surface is hung on the wall and recalls the form of a winged altar.