Red carpet, 2010
350 x 516 x 350cm
carpet of the PkiN
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The red carpet comes from the congress hall of the Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN), which was built in the centre of Warsaw in 1955. The palace was a showpiece of communism: it was on the Plac Defilad that parades were held. Today, the palace is still standing, alone, in the spacious square. The site appears empty; there is a big car park and a bus station.

Into the carpet has been cut the blueprint of this centre. Places such as green areas, which are mostly untouched in everyday life, are left on the wall in red pieces of carpet and produce a sign calling to mind an over-sized chinese seal. The work relates how much the palace and the Plac Defilad mark the city centre and how deeply its structure is imprinted in the mind of the society. The color red still clings to the site, but at some places it is starting to fall off.